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What We Do

Dominion is a management owned corporation which has successfully completed more than 2,500 projects in the last two years alone. With extensive hands-on experience in planning, managing, and conducting all phases of site investigation and remediation, Dominion has a 100% success rate for client satisfaction, project completion, and regulatory compliance.

The technical, analytical, and hands-on field experience of our staff, combined with our commitment to client satisfaction, enables Dominion to successfully complete challenging and complex projects in a cost-effective and timely manner. Dominion’s project approach encompasses regulatory compliance, while addressing client liability issues. This custom designed project-by-project strategy is executed with a practical assessment of project needs, along with the use of innovative testing and remediation techniques.  Dominion’s project approach is built on the gathering of sound facts, generated through site investigations, client information, regulatory guidelines, and record searches applied with years of expertise.


Many staff members have advanced technical degrees in Environmental or Civil Engineering, Industrial Hygiene, Biology, Microbiology, Mycology, Geology, and Toxicology.  Dominion’s asbestos field employees hold AHERA Inspector, AHERA Management Planner, AHERA Project Designer, and AHERA Contractor / Supervisor.  They maintain these certifications through EPA approved annual refresher courses. Dominion currently has eight qualified senior staff members, ensuring a quick response to all work requests.  Full resumes for key staff members are available upon request.

Quality service is our goal and as Dominion’s business continues to grow, we will continue to add qualified staff and provide them with the resources necessary to meet the needs of each individual client.  Dominion’s outstanding administrative support staff is credited with reducing our report turn-around time, organizing our field employees so that appointments are met on time, and managing project samples with outside laboratories.  This assures that all necessary project support data is available to each project manager for efficient project completion.

Dominion has worked with large and small clients both on the local and national level.  Dominion has extensive knowledge, experience, and understanding of the performance standards required by demanding clients regarding project procedures, record-keeping, report writing, and field activities.  In summary, Dominion has the trained staff and professional experience to perform professional environmental services on any size project in the United States and Canada.